Generating leads with live chat

Sending leads to your website is one of the first steps in the conversion funnel, but a “lead” is not really a “lead” until the visitor has actually shown interest in your product or service.

A visitor on your website is just a statistic, not a true lead. By using live chat, you can persuade the visitor to take a trial or fill out a registration form. This is an example of lead generation marketing.

How does live chat work with lead generation?

Take a look at your website and identify the number of ways in which a customer can contact you.

Most websites have a contact form, social media links, and perhaps an e-mail address. However, none of these contact methods offer the immediate interaction of live chat. You could get in touch quickly via phone, but the threshold is a lot higher for this channel.

With live chat, your visitor can ask for help and receive real-time answers in a direct, free, and anonymous way.

In fact, I can say that live chat is the only way to communicate with website visitors that are not yet customers. You probably do not have the e-mail addresses of random visitors, and if they contact you, there is no way for you to reach out to them. Live chat helps you bridge this gap and enables you to be in contact with every customer on your website.

This can help you convert traffic into concrete leads.

Using triggers to convert traffic into leads

Triggers are a great way to identify high-quality customers without the need to chat with each visitor. Here are some examples of useful triggers:

  • Automated greeting: adapt the greeting to the visitor based on whether they initiated the chat or not. If the visitor responds, you know they are interested and can start a conversation. This will help you save time and eliminates the need to chat with every visitor.
  • Seek contact with customers during the decision-making phase: if someone is on the payment page for a long time, you might consider helping them with the purchase.
  • Identify visitors you have paid for: set a trigger to be informed if a customer found your website through a paid ad.
  • Anticipate questions: if you keep getting the same types of questions from customers, it may be useful to set up triggers to respond adequately.

Limitation of live chat

It goes without saying that a potential customer already needs to be on your website before live chat can be effective.

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